The latest video from Avocor Featuring the WCD displays Avocor WCD displays ocerview- .png

The latest video from Avocor Featuring the WCD displays

Check out our latest video showcasing the all-in-one video Avocor Windows collaboration display #WCD that enhances collaboration and increases simplicity for every meeting space.

An introduction to the Windows collaboration display (WCD) by Avocor, created in partnership with Microsoft to deliver an all-in-one video conferencing solution

Avocor are the collaborative display technology specialists and the new WCD Series is Accurate, Superior and Affordable


Windows collaboration displays by Avocor feature integrated AV with a premium conference camera, stereo speakers, far-field microphones, fine-tipped stylus with eraser and will easily connect to any Windows 10 PC via a single Type C cable. The cable transmits 4K video, touch, USB control, internet and power for fast frustration-free use. Smart switching makes multiple-user collaboration fast and simple. In addition to being teamwork devices, Windows collaboration displays by Avocor also include built-in sensors that connect to the Azure Digital Twins so facility managers can utilize the environmental data they collect to make real-time adjustments and future room and investment planning.

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