Audio Visual Installation Services




Expand your reach or supplement your team with Avitor’s Audio Visual Installation Services.

Scaling your staff to meet customer demands is a constant challenge for integrators & installers. That’s why Avitor has expanded its services to include digital signage and professional Audio Visual installation, when and where our re-sellers need it.

Our reseller partners can “white label” our services as their own creating a seamless experience for the end user. Our Install staff are experienced, highly trained and follow a well-vetted scope of work, created with the assistance of you and input from your customer.

We pride ourselves on our consistent quality and ability to implement projects quickly and effectively.

Are you concerned with choosing and retaining the best subcontractors?Choose the Avitor Audio Visual Installation team.


How we work

We support your brand and  understand the importance of your company’s name and reputation.

Either acknowledge our partnership or keep everything under your brand. 


What the Avitor Install team install

  • Interactive Display Boards

  • Digital Signage

  • Indoor / Outdoor LED Video Walls

  • Digital Menu Boards

  • Projection Systems


The benefits to our reseller partners

Avitor offers a first class professional service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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