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Vpod VGreet

Vpod’s Vgreet communication solution enables businesses to centralise their resource by providing a live person without the need to have them physically present, to improve customer service and save costs. Whatever the business requirement, Vgreet is one of the company’s innovative physical products, can be used across a range of applications such as receptionist, healthcare hub, building security system, sales assistant, digital signage, product showcase or concierge.

In functionality and appearance, Vgreet is similar to a giant smartphone with intuitive touch-screen technology that will be immediately familiar to anyone who owns a smart device. The solution incorporates fully customisable functions that are easily adapted to reflect each organisation’s brand identity and optional features can be chosen according to the customers’ business needs, such as image and data capture, motion detection, visitor badge printing and contactless payment options.

Receptionist, healthcare hub, building security system, sales assistant, digital signage, product showcase, concierge; the Vgreet is an incredibly flexible communications solution for any business. Vgreet boasts fully customisable functions that are easily adapted to reflect your brand identity. Its intuitive touch-screen technology is immediately familiar to anyone who owns a smart device. 

The Vgreet is a flexible communication point. It can allow visitors secure access to your premises, showcase your products in-store, or provide assistance and searchable directories of professionals in large businesses.

With optional features including image and data capture, motion detection, visitor badge printing and contactless payment options, the personality of each unit is determined by your business needs – not the limits of the technology. 


Vpod Dialog - Powerful communication arrives

Dialog is an entirely new way of customer communication. Now you can treat video exactly as you would audio. With touch-simple call routing, every customer communication can be a seamless and rewarding experience. Schedule appointments, combine multiple callers and even share information on screen and annotate, all in real-time.

With Dialog, no call goes unanswered, meaning every customer can speak to the right person. This ensures that you never miss another sales opportunity – and that people's experience with you is immediate and frustration-free.

Any device, anywhere

Allow your business to maximise the way it engages with its customers.

With Dialog a customercan talk to the expert they need, when they need to, allowing you to help with their financial,health or shopping decisions at a time that’s convinient in their busy lifestyle.

Dialog means no query goes unanswered, and your agents can now handle video as simply as they would audio call; adding experts to the call, placing people on hold or forwarding queries to other departments, all via Dialog’s simple visual interface. It’s as simple as your smartphone.

Not only does video mean crucial decisions can be discussed face-to-face, all Dialog sessions take place in a feature rich visual environment allowing agents to share information and annotate it on screen, all in real time — whilst the ability to remotely print and scan documents means no sales opportunity need be missed during a session because the right documents aren’t to hand.

Best of all, Dialog’s proprietary technology means all of this happens over minimal bandwidth demands, meaning customers can connect on their own devices from practically anywhere

Fantastic-quality video communications at low-bandwidth mean a seamless experience for your customers – from desktop to smartphone.

With people's busy lives, being on the move means physical appointments are often hard to keep, but still people crave that personal touch when it comes to the big decisions in life, from mortgages to healthcare for example. With Dialog, your support staff can walk customers through any process, wherever they are. This means that your experts can be located anywhere in the world, but are only ever a button push away.

Dialog allows businesses to:

  • Deliver an engaging, valuable experience to customers

  • Give customers access to the expert they need to speak to, when they need to

  • Increase productivity of experts and centralise resources to reduce costs while maximisng value and potential sales

  • Provide advanced collaborative capabilities such as content sharing, screen annotation, signature capture, recording, printing and scanning

  • Allow calls to be scheduled by the customer.


VPOD - The Instant Business Enviroments

Beautiful environments from an industry expert

In this busy, bustling world, sometimes you need peace, quiet and privacy when talking about the big things in your life. Vpod has been a market leader in pods for technology use for a decade, bringing powerful tech with low energy-demanding systems, coupled with acoustically optimised pods – all geared to making the minimum environmental impact in their production and operation.

With a Vpod, it's amazingly easy to turn any busy space into a versatile workplace or to help your customers talk face-to-face with your staff, and with a large range of bespoke or ready-made pods, there’s a wide choice for any budget.

Private and personal

Our pods mean you can set up a private communication space in any environment. Acoustic and energy-optimised technology means crystal-clear conversations free from any outside distractions.

A feature-rich environment

Our pods can be augmented with any number of options for your business needs. From measuring blood pressure for health to scanning and signing documents to clinch a crucial sale – your pod can be equipped to maximise every business opportunity.

VPODS provide privacy in open plan offices and free up under utilised free space.

Vpod has been a global leader in disruptive communication technology for a decade. Vpod is a leading supplier of communication solutions for businesses wanting to take their customer service to the next level. Connect globally, via static units on location or multi-platform smart devices.

Vpod, Vgreet and Dialog - your next communication solutions

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