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Nureva  HDL 300       Audio conferencing technology with a difference




8,192 Virtual Microphones in one room solving the 'can you hear me' scenario



Getting the right system for dynamic, collaborative meetings

Want to hold better conference call meetings? Ones that enable interaction, movement and collaboration? Want value, easy installation and low maintenance? This guide shows you the vital characteristics of the three leading types of conference call technology platforms and how the Nureva HDL 300 out performs all others and has rooms up to 10 x 10 mtrs fully covered.



Table Top Directional Microphone


Ceiling Mounted Microphone


The Nureva  HDL 300 Wall Mounted Solution - Total Room Coverage


Nureva  HDL 300

8,192 virtual microphones

At the heart of the Nureva HDL300 is Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills the room with 8,192 virtual microphones. Listening to all microphones simultaneously, it dynamically selects the one closest to the speaker, ensuring the best quality sound for remote listeners.


Engineered For Collaboration

Designed for small to mid-sized spaces of up to 10m x 10m, the system supports a broad range of computer conferencing applications, including those with stereo output. Its full-duplex, acoustic echo cancellation and noise cancellation technology deliver the baseline quality that customers expect.

The HDL300 system has been engineered from scratch to create an outstanding experience for people who need to connect and collaborate with colleagues at a distance. Simply put, the HDL300 system is the most advanced audio conferencing solution ever created at a price point everyone can afford.



The microphone was invented to help people share information and ideas. Whether at a podium or on a conference call, the microphone amplifies what comes naturally.

But microphones require specific conditions to perform optimally – the person needs to be within range, speak at the right volume and face the right direction.

We observed this in meetings involving remote participants. When actively collaborating, people moved around and continued to speak, but the microphone remained stationary. We saw that communication broke down, particularly with remote participants. Then, inspiration struck and led to the invention of Microphone Mist technology.


The freedom of virtual

Conventional microphones require an audio source to be within physical proximity. As people in meetings spend less time sitting and more time moving and collaborating, these microphones struggle to keep up. Microphone Mist technology ensures a virtual microphone is always around you without any setup or interruptions to your meeting.



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Avocor Interactive Screens & Nureva

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