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The Vestel Deluxe+ Hotel TV and Interactive IP HotelTV Solution IH Series comes with a range of value- added functions, allowing hoteliers to customise and maximize their service much more cost-effectively

An affordable, hassle-free solution for displaying and sharing hotel information, the Deluxe+HotelTV ensures that once the desired content has been created, it can be quickly and easily streamed to all TVs, enabling hoteliers to create a dedicated and unique hotel service as well asa more engaging and consistent entertainment experience.


Improve Your Guest Experience With Our Solution

Your guests will enjoy a more engaging, personalised and convenient experience with their in room TVs  and have an entertainmentexperience that is far beyond what they can find in their homes. The hospitality solution will help you to customise hotel information for your guests and provide revenue by promoting hotel brand and services. As well as help to deliver more customised information to your guests, this hospitality solution also ensures that you can create additional revenue opportunities, enabling you to promote your hotel brand and services.


Avitor and Vestel have a solution for all your hospitality needs.

Our models come in the following sizes: 22" /  24" / 32" / 40" / 43" / 48" / 49" / 55 and 65"

With all models coming in RF or IPTV variants.


Deluxe+ HotelTV Solution: DH Series

An affordable, hassle-free solution for displaying
and sharing hotel information, the Deluxe+
HotelTV ensures that once the desired content
has been created, it can be quickly and easily
streamed to all TVs, enabling hoteliers to create
a dedicated and unique hotel service as well as
a more engaging and consistent entertainment

The Vestel Deluxe+ HotelTV comes with a range of value added functions, allowing hoteliers to customise and maximise their service much more cost-effectively.


Interactive IP HotelTV Solution: IH Series

Perfect your hospitality Services: Vestel Interactive IP HotelTV will help to strengthen and enhance your hospitality business

Our Interactive IP HotelTV creates the environment that satisfies every hoteliers’ wishes. Our software integrates into the hotel’s IP network, giving full control on TVs and convenient services. 

Our Smart Solutions focus on three core areas essential to the hospitality industry; entertainment, convenience, and efficiency. We have developed and evolved a number of unique features that are built into the Interactive IP HotelTV.


Deluxe+ HotelTV Features


USB Cloning

USB cloning offers you the fastest and easiest offline way
to adjust TV settings. When the desired installation is made, you can simply copy the TV setting to all TVs with an ordinary USB. This feature helps you to make hassle free installation.

Smart Channels Listing

Save your guests the trouble of searching for their local channels. When this feature is activated, the TV displays aselection of country flags and genres. The country or the genre selected will be displayed on top of the channel listing

Anti-theft Battery Cover

The anti-theft battery cover is a simple screw lock providing a fool-proof security to prevent the remote control battery from being stolen. It just makes your life easier.

Welcome Screen

Greet your guests with a warm customized welcome. You can display commercial logos, messages, or default pictures at the start-up of your Deluxe HotelTV.  This feature allows you to benefit from high level customisation.

Auto Volume Level

Prevent your guests from complaining about the TV noise in the next room. With this feature, you can set the maximum and minimum volume levels, so every guest can enjoy watching TV without disturbing the other rooms.

Channel list update via LAN

We can provide an easy user interface to upgrade channellists and settings remotely from any central office. This will ensure huge cost-savings for both the operation and maintenance of the HotelTVs.

One Channel List

There may be several programs which can be received from terrestrial, cable or satellite. Vestel Deluxe+ HotelTV provides convenient channel list management with a single channel list which consists of all the programs, regardless of reception mode

Multi IR

In areas where there are multiple TVs installed, thanks to the Multi IR remote control unit, each remote can be assigned to a different TV with no signal interference from other remote controls. Up to four TVs can use this function simultaneously.

Menu Disable / Limitation

Menu disable allows you to prevent guests from changing the installation settings. Users cannot reach the channel table or installation menu. It relieves you from readjusting the TV settings for each guest.

Hotel Mode

As an hotelier, you will be in full control of TV settings in all the rooms from a central office with Hotel Mode. While controlling channel selection, energy-saving features, setting volume limits or resetting to default settings for any TV,  you will also prevent misuse by hotel guests.



Hospitality is not just a TV; it’s a work of art. Designed by Vestel’s award- winning designers, it offers a variety of options and models to suit your individual requirements for all your hospitality projects.


Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 14.28.31.png

UNB (Ultra Narrow Bezel)

Sleek and ultra-streamlined, UNB models offer a super slim 6mm wide front bezel design. Exclusive for SLIM ELED systems, this is the latest bezel look from Vestel. Bringing you the best of both worlds,SLIM DLED models not only provide the contemporary, minimalist look of ELED systems, but also theviewer benefits of DLED technology.

Models xx300 / xx305  Available in 43" / 49" / 55"


VNB (Very Narrow Bezel)

Maximizing the available screen space on offer, the VNB design offers a slim yet affordable bezelaesthetic. A step-up from standard Narrow cabinets, the VNB design has an average       width of 12mm.

Models  xx280 / xx287     Available in  22" / 32" / 43" / 48" / 49" / 55"


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