Digital Signage For Food and Drink

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Capturing the customer’s attention is a top priority in Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). 

Digital Menu Boards are replacing static and dull printed menus that were traditionally placed in light boxes. Successful Digital Menu Boards work by grabbing and keeping the customers attention and then informing them on the offers you want to promote. One huge advantage is that going digital allows you to add motion to your menu; making your imagery so much more enticing. Using videos and animations can have a massive impact on customers viewing your menu. Digital Menu Boards allow you to showcase your food in glorious high definition and with a vivid LCD panel; your food will never look better. Digital Menu Boards can also be updated instantly and at no extra cost, unlike print menus; this results in a huge saving as there are no distribution costs. It also allows you to change information such as pricing, or allergy information, in an instant.

Networked Digital Menu Boards can synchronise their content across multiple screens creating some stunning visuals and be used to showcase your brand and its values exactly as you want to. Is your brand fun and youthful? Or perhaps it is more upmarket and refined? Our tablet-style Android Digital Menu Boards with their glass tempered front, slim profile and aluminium bezel exude quality and can help create an atmosphere that your customers will want to come back to again and again. 

The implementation of touch screens is a major part of the food industry’s future. With apps like Justeat and Deliveroo the public are using touch screen tablets and smartphones to order food at home. This kind of philosophy can be applied to a QSR where our PCAP Touch Screen with Dual OS can be integrated into a kiosk display. A big advantage for any business installing a touch screen kiosk is that during busy periods more orders can be processed quicker, without the need for additional cashier staff. 

Digital Menu Boards and Interactive Touch Screens are can be used to effectively tailor the customer’s experience at your restaurant.

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