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Freestanding Android Digital Posters
65” Large Format Professional Monitor with 4G Router



Mercedes-Benz is a luxury car manufacturer that was originally founded in Germany in 1886. Today they are one of the world’s premier automobile brands. They have over 140 branches throughout the UK. These locations offer a variety of services from selling new and used vehicles, offering servicing on Mercedes-Benz cars and accommodating performance centres for Mercedes-Benz high performance vehicles.

In early 2012 Mercedes-Benz approached us to enquire about Digital Signage for their dealerships. They wanted screens across multiple locations to display posters promoting their services and special offers.


Mercedes-Benz were looking for a partner to supply, deliver and install the Digital Signage solution. Mercedes-Benz main requirement was that they wanted the design and quality of their signage to reflect the high standards of the Mercedes-Benz brand. They wanted an easy to
use signage solution that they could rollout across their dealerships. Mercedes-Benz reconfigure their showrooms often with new car modelsso they wanted freestanding screens that they could easily move around.Many of the branches already had complicated internet networks with restrictions already in place that they did not want to modify. This meant that the solution needed to have an update method that did not require internet access. There was one exception to this at their flagship Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands racing circuit in Surrey. They needed alarge screen for an enclosure that they could update via the internet. Thissolution had to bypass all existing networks so they could send videos toit remotely without physically going to the screen.


With many screens across multiple locations we wanted to keep things simple for Mercedes-Benz. That’s why we recommended our Freestanding Android Digital Posters, which met their requirements perfectly. The Freestanding Android Digital Poster had the premium design quality

that Mercedes-Benz were looking for. With their tempered glass frontand rounded edges they resemble a giant smartphones and are unlikestandard Digital Signage displays. Like Mercedes-Benz automobiles these screens scream elegance and style. The displays have castors in the
base of the unit that makes it easy to move around the showroom when required. They also feature retractable feet so that they can be secured inposition after they have been moved. The images and videos displayed on these screen can be easily updated via a USB stick and no internet access was needed. Delivering and installing the screens was relatively simple to do as there was no mounting required; they were a simple out of the box solution for Mercedes-Benz.

For the display that needed to be remotely updateable we recommendedthe 65” Large Format Professional Monitor. To bypass their strict network restrictions we implemented an internal 4G router. This meant that they could update content remotely via our online Content ManagementSystem.


We began supplying Mercedes-Benz in 2012 beginning with the flagship Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands dealership with a Freestanding Android Digital Poster and the monitor for the enclosure. After the success of this initial install the rollout began and in the years that followed we have forged a strong partnership with Mercedes-Benz who have continued to purchase Digital Signage solutions from us. Mercedes-Benz have found atrue Digital Signage partner that matches the design ethos and quality of their own brand.


Freestanding Android Digital Posters
65” Large Format Professional Monitor with 4G Router

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