Hospitality Digital Signage

Cater to guests experiences with engaging Digital Signage

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Hospitality is all about treating visitors like royalty, from hotels to banquet halls these kinds of venues have a captive audience looking for information. When placed in lobbies, hallways, bars and restaurants Digital Signage is a great way to advertise not only about the venue but about the wider locale too. Digital Signage can be used to not only inform but to help set the atmosphere. Hotels are often judged on their décor, sleek and sexy Freestanding Digital Posters with their aluminium bezel and tempered glass front definitely help create a more modern aesthetic. Compared to traditional print, Digital Signage has one major advantage in its ability to update with real time information. For example a venue hosting a major conference can display a personal welcome message to attendees in an instant or a hotel in the middle of the city can display local sightseeing attractions or events for guests to visit. In an industry where image is everything beautiful signage like our Android Advertising Displays will reflect well on your brand while sharing your message in an engaging way. This can be the point of differentiation between your venue and the competition.

Guests expect the highest standards from hospitality and Touch Screens can benefit companies here. If there is a long wait in the lobby hotel guests can check in using Touch Screens. Some guests may even prefer to check-in using a PCAP Touch Screen Kiosk. These kinds of Touch Screens can also be used as wayfinding tools. Guests may often be in unfamiliar surroundings so interactive Touch Screens allow users to orientate themselves. It’s all about giving guests the experience they want.

Meeting rooms are big business, but many are fitted with outdated projector based systems that don’t reflect well on forwarding thinking modern hospitality venues. Interactive Touch Displays are great for meetings thanks to wireless screen mirroring and file sharing features. This kind of display is a powerful presentation and training tool and is the whiteboard of the future. For larger meeting or conference rooms LCD Video Walls may be a better choice to really wow attendees. Our POS PCAP Touch Screens have also been used as part of meeting room booking systems, acting as a virtual and interactive room label for attendees. 

Digital Signage is there for your guests when you can’t be; to help engage with them and to help inform them. Digital Signage is an asset and great tool for any venue where your visitors are put first.


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