Zoom - Turning Your Video On: Your Secret Weapon for Higher Win Rates


How Video Closes Deals

In the competitive world of sales, any little advantage a team can gain makes a big difference. Sales teams spend countless hours looking for ways to improve their close rate by just a percentage point or two. But for many of those teams, they’re ignoring a small change that could boost their close rates by 9%, and they can make it with the click of a button.

We partnered with the Chorus.ai conversation intelligence platform to crunch the numbers on hundreds of thousands of sales calls made using Zoom and analyzed with Chorus’ advanced A.I. to determine the true impact video can have on sales close rates. 

It’s been generally accepted that video communications can help improve sales performance. If they turn on their webcams, sales reps and prospects can see each other’s body language, read expressions, and build trust faster. Today we have the data to back up that conventional wisdom, and it’s more dramatic than you might have expected:

Video helps sales teams connect more meaningfully with prospects and build stronger relationships. But how does video impact sales success ? Chorus.ai analyzedhundreds of thousands of sales meetings to answer these questions and the results are clear:

Video helps sales teams close more deals


Deals that are closed/won using screen sharing 26.3 more often than deals that closed/lost.

In a competitive sales environment where every advantage counts , can you afford to ignore the video advantage?

Source : Zoom Blog / Chorus

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