For Customers Adopting Agile Methods ? The Powerful Nureva Span Workspace

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For Customers Adopting Agile Methods?

If so it’s likely that their teams rely on the sticky-note wall as an essential tool to get work done and keep everyone on the same page. It’s a tried and tested tool for anyone involved in structured business processes.

But now you can offer them a way to make it work better. Digital Ideation Solution, The  Nureva™ Span™ system creates a cloud-based collaboration space for idea generation, problem-solving and student-led learning. The solution offers an expansive digital canvas that can be accessed as easily on your walls as from a device in your hand.  

Nureva Span frees groups from the limitations of typical collaboration - it takes the paper tools you’re used to such as sticky notes, pencil sketches, flip charts, and transforms them into flexible digital versions to enhance the creative process.

The expansive virtual canvas can be used to share ideas, with no barriers or distractions to hold back progress. Everyone can create, edit and organise their contributions in real time – regardless of their proximity to the system or their geographical location.

In business and in education, the Nureva Span visual collaboration system is made for people looking to do great things – together. Create ideas. Share them. Debate them. Strengthen them. 

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