Digital Signage Solutions For Transport Hubs


Digital Signage Solutions For Transport Hubs

The transport sector was one of the first industries where Digital Signage really took off. With a large number of passengers all looking for information, Digital Signage screens are now a must have in any transport hub. From bus stations to train stations to airports, real time information is essential to keep the flow of passengers through the public transport interchanges. 

Providing travellers with the most up to date information is what will keep them moving swiftly onto their final destination. Displaying the arrival/departures is the best way to inform passengers where and when they should be to catch their means of transport. Of course delays, emergencies and cancellations can occur too. With real time updates news of these events can be spread far and wide so customers can be kept up to date. Digital Signage is also a good opportunity to inform viewers of information they may like to know such as the nearest hotels or the liquid allowances for baggage on flights. 

Digital Signage is there to optimise the experience for those travelling, but it can also help generate income for transport hubs themselves, for example with a Freestanding Outdoor Advertising Display you can sell a lot more advertising space if placed in areas with a lot of footfall compared with static print signage. With many retail and food concession stands available within the same building as transport Digital Signage is a natural fit to cross promote each other. The advertising possibilities are limitless within environments like this.

Where transport and Digital Signage is heading is towards a more automated system. This will require Touch Screens to facilitate this. With self-service ticketing machines and self-service check in kiosks are going to become a must have in any transport environment. Only the best commercial grade Touch Screens that use either PCAP or Infrared would be suitable in environments like this.

4 Reasons Why Digital Signage Is the Perfect Solution for Transport Hubs

Live Updates

You should expect the unexpected when it comes to travelling and by using Digital Signage transport hubs can update their screens instantly. For example our All-in-One Android Network Advertising Displays can be updated immediately when the schedule changes unexpectedly. By keeping waiting passengers informed with real time information you can help suppress those feelings of annoyance. As a passenger being fed information that is out of date would bother me more than the fact my flight is slightly delayed. As a transport hub, I would want to make sure I am as efficient as possible which effectively managed Digital Signage displays can do.

More Information

Gone are the days when you had to stare at bland ticker boards trying to find when your train is departing. Digital Signage has advanced to a stage where it can actually show you the location of your bus, train ferry or plane live via GPS tracking on screen. Digital Signage allows for new ways to display data in a more easy to understand approach for passengers. From standard data about arrival/departures to more detailed information about emergencies, delays or cancellations to the timetable. It doesn’t even need to be all about data though. With larger Digital Signage displays you can break up the screen into zones and dedicate some of the screen to ‘entertainment’. From live television feeds to adverts these can help break the monotony of data for passengers as well as providing an extra revenue stream.

Advertising Needs

It might seem obvious to point out that a Digital Signage display is primarily used as a selling tool. With so many travellers in these confined spaces it is no shock that advertisers love transportation hubs as it allows them access to a large and captive audience to market their brands. For example with a Freestanding Digital Poster, it can be moved around easily thanks to integrated castors, it could be positioned where those arriving from a flight have to walk through so it is in the prime position to get the most visibility. Many transport hubs have food stands/retail stores located within or near to them. With such a heavy footfall it is no wonder they want to use Digital Signage to get a piece of the action.


Touch Screens are the future of transport hubs. The level of interactivity and automation they allow for improves the efficiency of these places exponentially. From Touch Screens that allow passengers to plan their journey at train stations to self-baggage check in kiosks at airports. These kinds of applications are perfect for our PCAP Touch Screens with Dual OS. Just like a smartphone or tablet this Touch Screen technology is fast and responsive and is a great way for brands to connect with customers.

It is no wonder that Transport Hubs are one of the first places where Digital Signage displays initially took off. When the technology was still in its infancy transport hubs could still identify the many benefits. Now the technology has advanced to a stage where there is no need for any other kind of signage. The live nature of Digital Signage easily outweighs the static nature of print. With such a large possible audience only Digital Signage displays with their bright and vivid displays can cut through the crowd and connect with travellers in a way that no other technology can.

Source : Tom Rock - Allsee Technology

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