vpod case study - The Workspace group London


vpod case study - The Workspace group


A Workspace advantage

The Workspace Group has become a familiar sight across London in recent years. Its portfolio of modern company-tenanted buildings in premium locations for businesses have attracted occupants of all sizes, from large household names to savvy startups. Many locations also have smart co-working Club Workspace areas for freelancers and people from small companies to network and collaborate.

All this activity obviously means a lot of footfall through these businesses every day — and a forward-thinking company such as Workspace wanted to find a modern building-management solution that its tenants would appreciate. With centre managers constantly engaging with people to help maximise their usage of the property’s facilities, a static “smiling person at a desk” wouldn’t have suited the environment or the needs of the businesses – which is where Vpod and Vgreet came in.

To streamline these everyday tasks, each Workspace Vgreet hosts the building’s tenant directory and allows any visitor to search and contact the person they need via a simple intercom-style call. It also allows the unit to buzz them in remotely. 

or a casual visitor, there are options to browse more detail about the space itself, see videos that showcase the space, area and its tenants, and also learn about the many events Workspace hosts for its businesses. There’s also a section for finding out more about the Workspace Group itself. It’s all hosted in an eye-catching design that grabs attention as soon as a visitor arrives – and it’s as easy as using a smartphone to get the information you need. Over at Bethnal Green’s PillBox, the Vgreet has been a godsend in helping run a busy property.

Vgreet has been everyone’s best friend, helping our customers get to know each other. It’s an amazing tool which helps visitors find anyone within the building when I’m not on duty. Its design complements that space perfectly. It looks so engaging and professional”

— Lucia Aneglovicova, Centre Manager, Pill Box

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Vpod has been a global leader in disruptive communication technology for more a decade.

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