LED Display Panels

With its latest technology and world leading solutions. Unilumin, are the leader of the LED industry

Unilumin provides holistic solutions to projects including industrial, security monitoring, broadcasting rooms, video conferencing, boardrooms and control rooms and….

London Aviva centre 5.63 sqm Unilumin Upanel1.5

London Aviva centre 5.63 sqm Unilumin Upanel1.5

176 inch UTVIII - The largest boardroom display available today

176 inch UTVIII - The largest boardroom display available today


Hamptons’ Art Museum Uses Unilumin LED Walls To Make Waves


TV Studios - Product model:UTV1.9 Project size:35sqm

BMW Autoshow Product model:Uslim2 Project size:7sqm

BMW Autoshow Product model:Uslim2 Project size:7sqm

176 inch UTVIII by Unilumin

The largest boardroom display available today

The Unilumin UTVIII is a complete, plug-and-play LED solution for display applications. Ideal for high impact settings, including corporate environments, retail and hospitality, UTVIII is intelligently designed to ensure quick and easy installation, configuration and operation.

Featuring an integrated package of LED technology – complete with all the software and hardware required for successful installation. UTVIII offers a reliable, impressive and effective solution for quick deployment and no-fuss, on-going management.

Retails spaces

Want your retail space to stand out? Transparent LED displays not only integrates all the advantages of conventional indoor and outdoor high-definition LED displays, they also maximise city aesthetics

Indoor LED display applications

Transportation ,retail , urban network , entertainment , stadiums, restaurants, health care, office, tourism, service stations, schools and university, expo and exhibition, conference room, museums and galleries.

Flexible curves LED Video walls

Flexible curves LED Video walls



Innovative and Flexible LED Signage Solution

Slim and light : 84mm and 26kg/sqm, 50 % lighter than traditional cabinets.

Only need half the installation space than a traditional display wood.

Die casting aluminium cabinet frame with precision up to 0.1 mm.



A revolution in both LED and TV industries. industry and TV industry

16:9 standard resolution with cable-less design and
remote control access. It is both Ultra Slim and Light.

Intelligent interface

Integrated control and display system, compatible with all interfaces of LCD TV,
support VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP and other mainstream interface.
Support on/off with remote control, OSD menu operation.

Nano-second display

Nano-second response system has the capability
to match the refresh rate and the shutter
speed of professional camera when display.

Flexible maintenance

One person can replace module within 10 seconds


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