Award Winning Crowdbeamer 


CrowdBeamer has just won the NewBay Best of Show Award at NAB Las Vegas and Best of Show Award for Tech & Learning at InfoComm USA - June 2018



Crowdbeamer brings the benefits of real-time content sharing to both you and your audience, anywhere you want.

Just connect your laptop or any other device with an HDMI or VGA output. Power up crowdbeamer, or rely on its built-in battery for 3+ hours. Then leave it to crowdbeamer’s built-in WiFi to provide your audience with instant access to usable and up-to-the-minute screen captures of your presentation content.

All you need to do is give your full attention to your audience.


Use crowdbeamer with any other technology

Plug and present anywhere

Connect your laptop to crowdbeamer, and start presenting. No software installation required. All you need to do is give your full attention to your audience.

Use Crowdbeamer wherever people meet. Whether you’re presenting in a conference room, a huddle space or anywhere else, you can share your content thanks to crowdbeamer’s built-in WiFi and battery.

Real-time presentation sharing with Crowdbeamer works great just by itself, or with any of the presentation technologies you are already using today. Again, simply connect crowdbeamer and start presenting.



with crOwdbeamer you can Share any type of content

Crowdbeamer lets you share any type of content from your presentation device. Need to switch to a web page, an online document or a video during your presentation? No problem, crowdbeamer adapts itself to your needs.


you can Share crowdbeamer from any device

Connect crowdbeamer to any device with an HDMI or VGA output – including digital cameras. And by using the appropriate adapter, share content from any tablet or smartphone.



Share anything, safely

Use Crowdbeamer to share any type of screen content in real time. Always stay in control when sharing, and easily change access passwords between different presentation sessions.


Empower your audience

With our free app, your audience views your content on their smartphones, tablets & laptops. Everybody can decide what to capture, how to complete it with notes or how to share your message with others.


Creating a set of personalized handouts

Anybody in the audience using the FREE Crowdbeamer app on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, gets a clear view of what’s being presented. And a comprehensive set of app features makes it easy to create a set of personalized handouts. That is done by capturing relevant presentation content in Full HD quality and completing it with notes.



  • Project Meetings

  • Team Discussions

  • Board Meetings

  • Sales Presentations

  • Company visits

  • Data Sharing

  • Seminars

  • Sales Pitches

  • Brain Storming sessions

  • Education

  • Conferences

  • Guided Tours



Crowdbeamer:  Merely a ClickShare alternative ? 

Is the question if crowdbeamer is a ClickShare alternative even a relevant one? Aren’t these questions infinitely more relevant to what you want to achieve during your meetings:

  • How do I get my message across?

  • How do I make my meetings productive for everybody?

  • How do I let my audience capture my message, and complete it with personal insights?

  • How do I enable my audience to take my message with them once the meeting is over?

The answer to all of them is that only crowdbeamer is focused on delivering a great productivity experience to your audience.

By projecting your content directly on all portable devices, it gets your content straight to your audience and delivers up-to-the-minute digital handouts. Crowdbeamer’s smart note-taking capabilities then let them easily personalise these handouts by adding personal thoughts and remarks.

So if it is important for you to get your audience actively engaged in any meeting, then Crowdbeamer is a must-have presentation solution. One that you can use just by itself, as an entirely mobile solution and finally bring the benefits of wireless presentation sharing to your audience as well.


Why crowdbeamer won a NAB Best of Show award

A NAB Best of Show Award is evaluated by a panel of engineers and industry experts, and is selected based on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry. Crowdbeamer’s open way of communication is ideal for all kinds of federal, military, state and local government institutions and organizations.”

Crowdbeamer supports digital transformation in government

In fact, crowdbeamer’s open way of communication supports the digital transformation processes that government institutions and councils are working on. Now that smartphones and tablets are everywhere, a digital communication platform such as crowdbeamer enables them to deliver better services to the public while saving money.

Crowdbeamer is the first presentation system that streams any HDMI or VGA video signal in real time to all wirelessly connected portable devices. Using a free app – available for all major operating systems – the audience can view the presentation in Full HD quality. And it can capture the presentation as well, add personal notes and export all that to other business apps


Boost productivity using Avocor Touch Screens with Crowdbeamer


Crowdbeamer and Avocor strengthens the collaboration process

Avocor are the collaborative display technology specialists, and the first to market with ‘ in glass touch ‘ which is the best in touch screen technology available in terms of touch and feel. Experience true tablet -like functionality on a large format Interactive display.

The F series delivers a room ready solution that is as flexible as it needs to be.  From digital whiteboarding with Avocor Note by Nureva to AV conferencing on a range of platforms such as Zoom Rooms, S4B, Hangouts, GoToMeeting or Bluejeans, the Avocor F series connects people together, regardless of location, to create a multi-dimensional communication platform that enhances the meeting experience for all.

All that is needed to use the Avocor Touch Screen with crowdbeamer is to connect the Touch Screen Display Port Video Out port to Crowdbeamer


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