Crowdbeamer - An Edtech solution engaging students in a whole new way


Crowdbeamer is an EdTech solution that lets teachers share any content in real time with their students during class, enabling creative and interactive teaching methods

Make every place a learning space

Take your students into the heart of the subject matter, as often as you can. With an EdTech solution like crowdbeamer, you can provide them with a practical learning experience in any real-world setting.

Thanks to its built-in WiFi and battery, crowdbeamer turns every place into a learning space. Whether you want to engage your students in hands-on machine tool work, take them on a biology field trip or visit a museum, crowdbeamer supports it all.

Boost the learning experience

Don’t make any compromises when it comes to your students’ learning experience. Just organize the classroom for maximum interaction.

Use a “Teacher in the Middle” setup, an open square facing the smartboard or even a fluid classroom arrangement changing with evolving needs. Whatever you choose, you can count on crowdbeamer.

Connect without any hassle

Crowdbeamer makes it exceptionally easy to share content during class. Simply connect your laptop or tablet, and start sharing with all your students right away.

Even if you’re teaching in a big auditorium, crowdbeamer has got you covered. Any student seated at the back rows will still get the best view of anything you share

Grab your students’ attention

Share whatever best serves your students’ learning needs. Whether that’s a PowerPoint, a web page or a YouTube video, crowdbeamer will deliver it straight to their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

With an EdTech solution like crowdbeamer, students needn’t write down anything you already share with them. Instead, they can spend more time processing the subject matter and asking questions.

Keep everybody up to date

Make sure students always have access to up-to-date information. With crowdbeamer, what they get to see on the screen of their laptop or tablet is what you’re sharing at that very moment.

Even if presentations available in the digital learning environment are out of date or if you decide to use additional materials during class, that’s no longer an issue when using crowdbeamer.

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